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Cockburnspath Primary School Mini Tough Mudder.

Cockburnspath Primary School Mini Tough Mudder.

in Charity June 23, 2017

Cockburnspath Primary School Mini Tough Mudder.

Well done to everybody. Today 23rd June 2017 Cockburnspath Primary School had for the first time an OCR Obstacle Course Race. In 2016, the school did some fundraising for Sports equipment and Sports day activities. Where many races took place. 

During this time, the school had 2 presentations, focusing on influencing people and sporting thresholds that can be achieved.

However today the whole school separated into 6 relay teams, where the teams took their turn to complete several obstacles. And demonstrated by its Head Teacher Mr Bewsey. 

The obstacles were:
Cargo Net, Zig Zag, Crash Mat, two foot jumping run, Hula-hoop tyres, The Wedge, climbing frame, and finished off with the Slippy Water Slide.

I believe that the pupils wanted to do the course again, and let out a sigh when home time was called. However, they were all allowed to bombard the waterslide for another go.

Both pupils, teaches, friends and family all got involved and encouraged the participants. Leaving a heartfelt and well deserved round of applause to the school.

I think that this may be a new annual event for the school?