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Wednesday September 18, 2019

Do Estate Agents really add value?

Do estate agents really add value? In a word, yes. If budget is your main concern then the lure of fixed price and considerably lower commissions may be appealing. For fairly standard houses and certain seller circumstances they offer an alternative option which is great for consumer choice.

However, for many saving on the commission is short sighted as the real focus should be on working with an agent who can:

Value your property accurately through their experience of the local market and current conditions
Market it correctly by employing the right strategies depending on your target buyers
If it costs an extra £1,000 in commission but you sell for £15,000 more…that is where real value is created and why investing in the right agent is so important. It’s not enough for agents just to add a property to one of the online portals. That is only the starting point, it’s how they handle the process from there.

Take for example Clyde property, who have witnessed how the industry has changed over the years and have embraced technology and digital marketing, alongside traditional methods to make their agency one of the most progressive out there.

What do they offer?

Selling houses is a visual game which is why every property Clyde works with enjoys high quality digital photography and uniquely a HD video which really engages a prospective buyer in a way a photo can’t. There is even the option to upgrade to aerial drone footage which takes your property marketing to a whole new level…literally!

With such great visual marketing tools, Clyde have chosen to use them to maximum effect and offer sponsored promotions for every single property across social media channels. This is something most agents will only do for their prestige properties.

Once a buyer finds a property online the next step is to book a viewing. It’s a simple thing but 75% of viewings are booked out of office hours so it makes sense to be ‘open’ when buyers are ‘shopping’. That is why Clyde are available until 8pm everyday for buyers to arrange and attend viewings.

Additionally a good Estate Agent will have access to a very valuable database. You may think that most people will come across your home via one of the online property portals, but actually estate agents are continually developing relationships with investors and developers and directly targeting those who would be interested in your property. This type of buyer is usually a cash buyer and chain free…so the best kind of buyer! Having an estate agent in your corner with access to this type of buyer is invaluable and just isn’t an option with online agents.
Finally, a successful relationship between the agent and a seller relies on clear and timely communication. This is where Clyde Property have really embraced technology to offer the ‘MyClyde’ app which allows sellers to login to their own client area to see real time feedback on viewings and the progress of the sale. No more being in the dark waiting for sporadic updates.

Above is just a snapshot of what Clyde Property offers their sellers. The reality is all of these extra services will cost money but they are essential to present your property in the best light and command the right price. In the words of Alan Sugar “it’s easy to sell something cheap”…which is really not the route you want to go down with your biggest asset.

Estate agents are not the middleman to cut out, they are a key player to invest in. Whether you choose Clyde Property or another, if you align yourself with an agent who understands your property, the local market and the type of buyer you need, you won’t regret it…despite what the adverts may say.

Clyde Property is a leading independent, multiple award winning estate and letting agent with 30 years’ experience in selling and letting property in Scotland. Just call your local Clyde Property branch today, for friendly, impartial advice on finding your next dream home.