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Wednesday January 16, 2019

Employment with a Removal Company in Edinburgh. Man with a van Edinburgh Ltd.

In the past 18 years, MWAV Edinburgh had gained the majority of its staff from word of mouth. Used the new staff on a trial bases and filtered the numbers to employ the most suited for that post.
MWAV use a mixture of Full-time, Part-time and Zero hours contracts. This will depend upon the roll, the time of year, and the individual etc.
Our summer months are likely to be three times busier compared to the cooler months. So, our employee contacts are increased within these months. We can be flexible with employee working patterns, as long as we know in advance when staff are available. So that we can make sure that we have the correct manpower to cover the jobs that have been booked in.

Over the last few months, we have been carrying out structured interviews. Advertising the posts, using appropriate software to structure the appointments, Using the Novotel at Edinburgh Park, as a meeting place to hold the interviews. With a list of questions, we are ready to carry out the interviews, and we are as organised as we can be?

It was with part horror and frustration, the way participants conducted themselves, having accepted an interview, and have made a booking, many just did not turn up. Many did not call or tex to say that they were not available on the day and had wasted someone else’s opportunity for an interview space.

I would estimate that much less than half had turned up for an interview following confirmation of attendance. Even after the missed appointments, no contact of an apology or reason for failure to attend was given in nearly all appointments. This cannot be acceptable, or normal in recruitment? And I would love to see if this is industry wide when recruiting.

After speaking to three other, small to medium sized removal companies, it was clear that this was not just my experience, but finding good staff, was not so easy?
The 4 removal companies did not formulate a conclusion as to why staffing had become such an issue and is likely to be due to many reasons.

It can be difficult to find an individual that can competently complete all the aspects that are required to move someone’s furniture:

The skills that are required are:
Common Sense.
Awareness of your surroundings.
Health and Safety.
Good all-round communication.
Getting the job done.
Basic Paperwork, and computer skills.

That is all before what people may think of when hiring a Removal Company?

Driving capability.
Strength and Fitness.

It will be difficult to conduct a removal appropriately if one or more of the attributes are missing in an employee, or as a working removal team.
It will be difficult to complete a removal, if you are the best driver in the world, but you have no common sense, or unable to move furniture safely up the stairs.
Similarly, if you are strong and fit, but you are unable to complete any paperwork for invoicing or are a health and safety risk. Then the individual will not be suited as an employee in the removal industry.

I would think that the majority of people would think that the removal industry would be easy, but things are never that straightforward. It is not nuclear physics, or brain surgery. And more like general fitness with common sense.

If you think that you hold the attributes required to be employed in the Removal and Storage industry in Edinburgh, and you are looking for employment. Then please contact Dave by email at dave@manwithavanedinburgh.net.

Drivers must be 25 years or older to be insured to drive our vans.
Based in or around Edinburgh and Dunbar.
Must hold a valid driving licence to drive 3.5 tonne vans.
Must have a clean drivers licence.

DVLA checks will be required.
Police checks are required before employment.
Full HMRC employment entitlement required.
Must be able to lift all household furniture up and down stairs safely.
Probation and training period will be required.
Please forward an updated CV with references.
References will be checked, and needs to be confirmed by the referee by company email.
Payment terms monthly.
Training and probation period will be required.
All replies must be via email to dave@manwithavanedinburgh.net
Please provide CV or details for employment.

Contact us: www.manwithavanedinburgh.net