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Video Surveys for Removals

If you’re struggling for time, we can now offer free video surveys to make life easier.

To book a video survey for your removal, simply follow these steps:

  • Contact us using the form
  • We’ll give you a call to set-up a day for a video call
  • On the day, we’ll be able to survey the job remotely
  • From that, we’ll be able to give you an accurate quote

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    man with a van edinburgh parked on the side of a road

    Why choose Man With a Van Edinburgh?

    Man With A Van Edinburgh offers professional, reliable and efficient removals and delivery services at competitive prices.

    Our mission is simple: provide customers with honest and reliable transportation of domestic and commercial property. We’re proud of our hardworking and courteous staff, who are trained to the highest standards to make otherwise stressful moves easier.

    That’s why we develop long-lasting, trusting and respectful relationships with our clients.