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Saturday June 11, 2016

Great North Swim

Great North Swim Windermere

It’s Only a Mile! by Dave Burgess

What can possibly go wrong? It’s only a mile! As compared to other events this year, I expect this to be one of the easiest.

However, I have never done an open water swim before, and in June it’s a mile swim. Around a buoy then back again. I have seen many people accomplish it over the last couple of years, but I have been left holding the baby whilst my wife had participated previously.

This year it is my turn, as recovery from a dislocated shoulder has put her out of training. I can swim, been a few times with my daughter Matilda in the local swimming pool, I used to surf and kayak in years gone by, so I am not unaccustomed to being in the water. However, I tried a little swim at Pease Bay and got stuck in a riptide, and between you and I, it could have been bad, but they say “what doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger”. So no riptides in the lake, so here’s to the swimming training.

The good thing for me at the moment is that I went to get some physiotherapy treatment for my Achilles Tendon as its been holding my running training back these last 3 months, and that swimming doesn’t affect it, so putting my training efforts into swimming may be a great blessing. I’ll keep you posted on how I get on.

As well as the personal challenge of doing these events, I am raising funds for my daughter’s school, Coburnspath Primary School in Berwickshire. As a very small village school, all parents get involved to help with school activities and fundraising. This is my way of contributing to the fundraising. All donations would be gratefully received.