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Sunday June 11, 2017

More Than Just A Man

One thousand five hundred jobs in the last financial year. Generating nearly a quarter of a million pounds’ turnover. For the year 2016-2017. No longer just a Man with a Van within Edinburgh, but making its mark on the removal industry as one of the bigger boys? Founded by a guy who had a van to go surfing on the weekend and manifested into a small enterprise.

This is not without its faults and downfall in the crash of 2009, where the business fell on difficult times, due to too many bad debtors, customers no longer wanting to regain their property, and failing to pay their large storage costs, to retrieve their property back.

With the purchase of three brand new vans this past year, making its owned fleet to 4, and dedicated subcontracted transportation whenever needed of 3 other vehicles. Man with a van Edinburgh Ltd has strived to be More than just a van company, with a man with a van at the helm.

MWAV takes its Mission Statement to heart.
“Man With A Van Edinburgh strives to provide reliable transportation of domestic and commercial property.

To provide an honest, flexible and cost effective service, both nationwide and with the local Edinburgh area.

To provide proficient hardworking courteous staff with the intent to ease stressful moves, and develop lasting relationships with our clients.”

And has laid the foundations for the business to be built upon.

MWAV are in talks with a custom-made removal truck developer, which may be purchased in the next few months. Following the accounts verdict at the end of year accounts. Further increasing our potential.

The present success could be the realisation that the owner cannot do it alone, but to gain the right people for the right jobs. Outsourcing and delegation of the jobs that are better suited, by better people. Surrounding the management by better brains, most suited to the tasks at hand.

Let’s not get too excited, and in surfing terms, we are riding the crest of a wave, and that wave is surrounded by hard rocks underneath, and deadly currents. However, with the now 17 years in the industry, we are well experienced and our knowledge is concurring our fear.
We have established long tern clients, who make ourselves the first point of call, when something needs moved. We have gained ongoing contracts for this year, which could account to 200 bookings? Allowing a safer future, and being able to structure ourselves for the coming months. Summer is coming, and we are going to be busy, getting through the winter months with a profit already in the bank, and the infrastructure in place is an amazing feat.
And I look forward to the coming financial year, with great expectations.