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Saturday November 10, 2018

Our Pricing Mechanisms

Every removal is different; it will be improbable to find two of the exact same removals in Edinburgh or anywhere else. Even a similar one bed flat will have many variants on the amount of items that each customer will own. Add in factors such as the floor level that the flat is situated on, the parking availability outside of each property, and the distance from the van to the front door. Before you even get out of the door, the size of doorways and considering whether the furniture will go through them are just a snapshot of some of the issues that a removal man would face. This is why we generally have three ways to offer you a price:

1) Hourly rate price.

2) I can come and visit to give you a quotation

3) You can provide a list of items to be moved by email.

1) Hourly rate price.
Different sizes of removal jobs require a varied number of staff to move the items. Generally two men can complete the majority of removal jobs, but small items and boxes can be moved by a single person. However pianos, American style fridges etc. may require increased manpower, especially where stairs are involved. The increase on manpower means a higher hourly rate price. Man With A Van Edinburgh Ltd charges £60 per hour for a single man and £90 per hour with two men. There will be an increase in cost as the number of staff increases. An hourly rate price is beneficial when the client does not know exactly what is to be moved, has not decided what may be moved or other complications. If a customer is willing and able to help with a move, or has friends and family to assist, then an hourly rate price is usually a good option, as the job should be completed in less time when extra pairs of hands are supplied. Many hands make light work, and friends and family roped in to help are generally much cheaper than paying for a removal company. MWAV have a minimum price of one hour, and then we charge in 15 minute or less intervals thereafter. So for two men that complete a job in 75 minutes or less, will be charges £112.50 and not for the second full hour of £180. We do however charge a minimum of one hour to be paid. There are many firms offering removals in Edinburgh charging a variety of prices, so it is always good to check. The client may think that there is a possibility that the removal men could stretch out a move if an hourly rate price is agreed. Also if the work goes over the hour then another hour will be invoiced for. This is not our policy as we invoice per 15 minute intervals after the first hour.

2) We can come and give you a quotation
For the larger removals in Edinburgh, full flat moves to house moves and office moves, sometimes it is impossible for a client to formulate a list of items to tell a removal firm what you have to move. In these situations we can come around and have a look at what needs to be moved. With our experienced staff that can provide you with a quotation. We can look at a property and estimate how much you will have to move. We can then formulate a list of furniture as well as the number of bags and removal boxes required, completing the packing of your home or office. This will also allow for us to see what the access is like, and whether there will be any parking restrictions such as yellow lines or bus stops. In addition, we will be able to foresee any issues getting large furniture through doorways and down stairs, to see if any items will need to be dismantled, and to agree who will carry out such tasks. We can also provide information and assurance to the customer how the move should be undertook. We can also establish the number of man hours that will be required to complete the removal, and the number of staff required to conduct the removal safely and reducing the stress that a house move may cause.

3) You provide me with a list of items to be moved by email.
If a customer is able to draw up a list of items to be moved, such as the number of bags and boxes, and the type and number of furniture to be moved, we can then formulate a price based upon the list given. This may save time compared with coming around to give a visual quotation in person. Plus if the address is further afield and a visit will not be possible, the list can provide an accurate price, if the items to be moved correspond to those given on the list. The list can easily be amended, with items added or withdrawn prior to the move date. Allowing the movers to know exactly what is to be moved, that will allow the correct size of van to be used and the correct number of men to move the items. If everything is written on the email lists, then both parties formulate a correct and fair quotation for the job in hand. The completed list can then provide a contract between both parties and can rule over any omissions of items that were agreed to be moved.


When it comes to our removals in Edinburgh, our client can utilise a costing mechanism that they feel confident with and is fair. Having the three general price options provides the customer with an option that suits them and one that they feel will benefit them.