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Saturday June 18, 2016

The Wall

The Wall – Things are getting serious now!!

An early start on Saturday 18th June – 69 miles, a pre 24 hour run from Carlisle to Newcastle. Called “The Wall” A Rat Race event with a name to suit the running alongside Hadrian’s Wall. I am sure that all runners will hit their personal wall somewhere on the route.

I accomplished my first Ultra Marathon earlier this year along John Muir Way. A Picturesque 50km from Fox Lake, Dunbar. All races that I do, kill me, short or long, it does not matter. You just work as hard as you can until you cross the finish line. I have accomplished 3 marathons in my earlier years in Cardiff and Edinburgh, and all getting longer to complete year on year. This was the longest race that I had ever entered, but I was mentally up for it. However my dreaded Achilles Tendon was not playing fair. After just 500m it let me know that he was not happy with the arrangement for today. So I had to adjust my speed, cadence and running technique to compensate. I crossed the line in the latter proportion of participants with a makeshift crutch from a sturdy branch that I found in the woods. An accomplishment I now hold as I know that I have the willpower to continue in diversity. The stupidity of even starting such an event with an injury like that is also at the forefront of my mind. However that race has been completed and now looking towards the next ultramarathon, The Wall.
I feel like such a moaner, but trying to train for a race, never mind a 69-mile ultramarathon has its difficulties when you cannot run. Not that it will stop me. Onwards and upward, as they say.

The Wall has its logistic difficulties. I need to get from Cockburnspath to Carlisle for an early start, then crossing the finishing line at Newcastle. From there either back to collect my van in Carlisle, or get back home and collect my transport another day. Or possibly a bus from Co’Path, then trains from Dunbar, Edinburgh, Carlisle, Newcastle, Berwick upon Tweed and a bus back to Co’Path. With hotels at Carlisle and likely at Newcastle. Completing the travel logistics seems to be more waring then the run itself? Maybe I need to have a think?

As well as the personal challenge of doing these events, I am raising funds for my daughter’s school, Coburnspath Primary School in Berwickshire. As a very small village school, all parents get involved to help with school activities and fundraising. This is my way of contributing to the fundraising. All donations would be gratefully received.

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