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Tuesday April 30, 2019

Top 10 things to do before your moving day

Moving day might be stressful to think about, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re well-prepared and enlist help from quality removalists, the day should run smoothly.

1. Book your removalists in advance

Research and book your removalists at least two to three weeks in advance, as removalist companies are often fully booked up early on. Be sure to check online reviews and don’t go with the cheapest option.

2. Inform your insurance providers and utility companies

Ensure your home insurance provider and utility companies are aware of the date you’ll be moving out so they can cancel your service. Make sure they’re aware of your new address so they can post out a final bill. Often you can transfer the existing services to the new address which is easier than cancelling them and having to start again at the new property.

3. Redirect your mail

A few weeks before you move, start re-directing all your mail. You can either get the post office to do this or as your mail comes in, contact each sender and let them know if your new address. You might also want to come back to your old property after a month to see if there is any mail there for you.

4. Order your boxes early

You’ll almost always need lots of packing boxes and packing materials. Order a surplus because you don’t want to run out of boxes right before moving day. We also recommend butchers paper and mattress protectors to ensure there is no damage and your items arrive clean and dust-free at the new property.

5. Pack as soon as you can

Start packing your belongings as soon as you can, and spread out your packing over time. This way, you’ll be less stressed about the whole process. Start with one room and do room by room, we recommend starting at least 2-3 weeks before you move.

6. Have your appliances disconnected

Have your appliances disconnected professionally, and in advance. This is the safest and simplest option. The fridge should be unplugged 24 hours prior to moving it.

7. Ensure your home is spick and span

You’ll want to do a thorough clean of your home before moving out, to make sure everything is well-presented for the new homeowners to move in. We recommend using professional cleaners.

8. Gather all keys together

Make sure you have all of the keys for the property ready to hand over to the new owners, including garage and outbuilding keys.

9. Make sure you have all your papers

Gather all of your important records and documents into a safe space before you move to ensure that nothing is lost. Prior to packing everything, de-cluttering and throwing away old things you don’t use or need anymore is a good idea, this will also mean the removalists have less to move.

10. Prepare your boxes and furniture for removal

Organise and label everything clearly and correctly (numbers and colour-coordinating can help) to ensure your removalists can get to work as soon as they arrive.

This article was written in conjunction by a Sydney removalist, Hire A Mover.