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Tuesday April 10, 2018

Trees for Life

Man with a van Edinburgh are growing, and have outgrown its Small Business title. MWAV is now classed as a Medium Sized business and as such its Carbon footprint has increased to its maximum amount now.
With the number of miles that we travel over a year, this will lead to increased amounts of CO2 pollution.
In 2017, MWAV have completed approx 50 trips from Edinburgh to London and back again, completing approx 150 Nationwide deliveries, as Full loads or Part Load removals.

What MWAV Edinburgh are doing

Part Loads

Where possible we coordinate Part loads, where more than one removal can be completed on the same trip. Therefore, reducing the omissions, by reducing the number of trips required.

New vehicles

Four new vehicles have been purchased since Summer 2016. The new vehicles, are much more Environmentally Friendly. And the fuel costs greatly reduced, due to the reduced amount of Diesel that newer models require completing the same distance.

Planting Trees

MWAV have teamed up with Buzzmove and Trees for life, who with our donation will plant 10 trees in the Scottish Highlands to help restore the ancient Caledonian Forest bringing the number of trees in the grove to 150 by April 2018.

What our 10 trees actually equate to in terms of C02:

  • 6 trees is 1 tonne of C02
  • That is the equivalent of offsetting nearly 2 tonnes of C02.
  • 10 trees is just over 6 double decker buses.
  • 10 trees offset around around 80 moving trips in 10 years
  • 1 tree can offset 1 tonne of carbon dioxide by the time it reaches 40 years old – 40 years you would of offset 10 tonnes of C02.

These trees will be a mixture of native species such as Scots Pine, Rowan, Dwarf Birch and Aspen and will help to transform open hillsides into healthy young woodland, rich in wildlife such as red squirrel, black grouse, capercaillie and wood ant.

The contribution will not just increase the number of trees but all the wonderful wildlife that will grow with, in and around your trees. Thank you for helping us to grow the Caledonian Forest in this way.
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